Tutorial on mastering the idiosyncrasies of the Bryce 7.1 Instancing Laboratory.

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Anyone who has explored the Instancing Laboratory [IL] deeply over a long period of time [as i have done] and using different computers, knows that IL does not work as expected - especially over time [if the first try does not please and you undo, it no longer works]. In this tutorial i am NOT going to explain how instancing should work and how it is flawed in Bryce. I am going to take a positive approach and share information that will allow anyone to work with the IL productively and without too much frustration. That will help newcomers and also those who have severely criticised Bryce. I am going to cover a lot of advanced techniques and workarounds. To follow all of it you may want to use a decent 3D modelling application to work on meshes. However this last advice is not absolutely necessary, because you can be very productive using conversion and tweaking in Bryce-ONLY mode.

My tutorial will be comprehensive and will appear this weekend in several parts with many illustrations. It will cover all the bugs [or flaws] which are fortunately consistent and predictable and can ALL be circumvented.

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PS: below a Bryce-Origami shot of a test i did some time ago. The Octagonal Rods are Bryce-ONLY Objects and they are also TRUE instances distributed EVENLY over the Bryce Hemisphere. I will explain how i did that later.

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    *Sits down with pen and paper in hand*

    Ok, i'm ready :cheese:.

    Grtz Jean-Claude

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