A couple of suggestions for faster work flow

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My suggestions for Daz3D Studio

I'm relatively new to Daz3D so i'm only learning the basics.

1. Tool Tip
What i would like to see is a tool-tip option, where if you hover you mouse pointer over menu sections you are given a brief overview
of what it does (including folders), and if you click on the the tool tip itself it could load a window with further documentation pertaining to what you clicked on.
This would help new comers to learn faster.

2. Fly-around the set

It would be easier to use the WASD (Forward,back, up and down) keys to fly around your model or set and use the mouse to look around,
a toogle-active middle mouse wheel to zoom in and out quickly or at normal rate. This would mean one can inspect their sets much more quickly saving time. If you have a big set it takes a while to having to drag your view with the mouse (unless there is some mouse sensitivity for movement option i have missed?)
This works well in Forge which is a level editor/creator for Halo on the Xbox360. You are able to create a game level using alot of pre-set content that you can manipulate into place much like Daz3D.

3. Built-in Clone option

You should be able to click on a wall or character and copy it, and it will automatically be visible attached to the end of the mouse pointer highlighted the user can press escape key to cancel or left click as to where they want it to paste, or if its pointing to/on another prop an option will appear attach to this surface where the mouse pointer is pointing. A lasso ability (like in other programs) to select multiple props (an tickable option in Edit menu could have do not select figures) would be great for selecting a whole section you created and like the single prop or content you have selected it will be highlighted and attached to the end of the mouse point where the user then can place it and fine tune angle/depth etc.

Additionally being able to select a prop and then press cltrl+right click on another prop, thus highlighting both which might be on opposite sides, say two walls on a hallway, and the distances and angle etc remain the same as you copy and paste as per suggested above.

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    The best place to post suggestions like these is to submit a feature request to https://bugs.daz3d.com/

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    DS does have tool tips, which I thought were on by default. However, it would not be possible to have built in tips for content folders since the application has no way of knowing what's in a folder.

    DS 4.5 does have the ability to create Instances.

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