Supersuit add-ons

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My suggestion for Supersuit add-ons:

* A pack of decals, applicable with LIE. Smooth scaling is plus.
* Straps, buckles, and other forms of "sprinkle liberally over suitable seams to make it look like something is holding this together" bits and pieces.
* Holes, rips, tears; smoother deforms to create "someone grabs your chestpiece/spandex and pulls" effects than what can be accomplished at the moment with material pushes and pulls.
* Custom material zones to simplify existing ones.
* More "hide this, hide that" settings.

We can haz, pretty please?


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    Skiriki said:
    ...Straps, buckles, and other forms of "sprinkle liberally over suitable seams to make it look like something is holding this together" bits and pieces...

    I'd love to see something like the Ghost Agent harness for the SuperSuit! All those holsters and ammo holders, nice. I've been trying to convert it, and some of the nodes in the leg buckles keep thinking they belong on the opposite leg -- frustrating!

    I'd like to see the rest of those ideas too. :wow:

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    Pack of decals.. I'm down, but pls include either transparent png's or a psd file. LIE is a steaming pile of poo, and I'd rather use the PS bridge. :P

    Holes, rips, tears.. you can still do this with transmaps as the suit still has a UV layout. There's one posted around here somewhere if not on the product page.

    I'll throw in the ability to do the oh-so-common underwear style instead of bicycle shorts. >.>

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    I was gonna make a thread for this topic myself, but I see I can just join in this one...

    I'd like the Supersuit to get a basic full head covering mask, like Spiderman has.
    It could possibly be done by simpy geografting a piece over the nose, mouth, chin area, and something for the ears. The Trooper eyes are alright but more styles would be cool too...
    There should also be some basic superhero morphs for the head area, ie. a Cowl with different ear/horn/beak styles, etc. and even a nose piece...

    Also some different UV sets to allow Undies (most important for a superhero) and also to have mat zones running lengthways down the arm, and sides, legs, etc, instead of the usual bands that all bodysuits seem to have.

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    I would like to see another "basemesh" of the suit with other material zones. I don't really like the current neck zone. I also would like to see other seems on the suit (like seams on a real pants)

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    I'd love to have a little something to make more assymteric looks, like a 'phantom of the opera' style half-facemask. OK I can manage that using transmaps but it take the whole night :-O

    And more stuff in the style of the eminent Mardi Gras!

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