After Burner!


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    Looks really good.

    Is that Primivol?

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    NO its the Rich Plug in! Its 2 cylinders tappered some. The color map is a Movie of 4 slightly different FALME images out of PS. with a black layer behind them I comped out of motion which is like the fools After Effects. SO I got a 4 frame movie at 30 fps. Copied and pasted it till I had 4 seconds. I uses the same movie for the color and the ALPHA to give it some see through and Feathered out the end.

    Then I made a BUMP map out of PS by making a 50% Grey LONG rectangle in PS then gave it NOISE then a 90 degree motion blur Set the levels high on each end. then had that RUN by in about 6 frames from, left to right in Motion then made a 4 sec movie out of that.

    Then put it all together on these 2 cylinders with a about a 12% Blur in carrara and a 8 percent aura and wal la! I am thinking of adding a GLOW to it

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