Blender user and hopefully my first daz studio model

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Hi I have been a member of cg cookie for over 1 year coming from a background of only experience of using Daz Studio and poser 8.

I have always wanted to create my own models available money lead me to my choice of using blender as my software of choice.

Well after struggling to first find my way around blender I have come to love this software.

I am hoping to provide a model render of work in progress attached :)

I wish to provide this model but I am unsure of some details in regard to submission for daz studio as my first pa item.

The model currently is in two formats one with sub division modifier with edge split and has 241776 tris

The second version has lower settings of sub division, one level and edge split modifier and has 56964 tris.

Both models are quad only based.

Uv-mapping and texturing have yet to be done.

My question is what is the required level of detail within the model for acceptance to Daz studio?

Facebook page of my work with blender and unity can be found here!/pages/Colpolstudios/212712528855685?fref=ts

Just click on the tab within my face book page "lough Caum" then click on the image to load the unity web player.

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    Level of mesh detail is not what determines acceptance at DAZ beyond a certain point (the gun's mesh looks fine, though in the dim light you've shown that's a little hard to judge). How well you do the promo renders is what will sell it to them and subsequently their customers. Texturing, mastery of Studio and/or Poser's surface shaders, reasonable setup as a prop and/or smartprop, and finally, your ability to do lighting and composition in DAZ Studio and/or Poser will play into that just as much as your mesh will.

    Also, I'm revealing my ignorance here, but what is the gas-tank-looking thing on top of the gun?

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    Paint Ball Gun?

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    Jaderail said:
    Paint Ball Gun?


    We have paintball guns with those loader things here, but they're all clear plastic and shaped differently. I didn't recognize it.

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    I'm just guessing but it looks pretty close to that to me.

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    @ sickle yield although I use blender as my choice I have enrolled with dream light and am currently reviewing the information on Hexagon revisited.

    From the modules I think dream light will cover the aspects in regard to lighting and composition not entirely sure if the course covers promo images.

    what is the gas-tank-looking thing on top of the gun? This named "Hooper" this is were as far as I can understand where you put the paint ball pellets.

    @wendy catz NM I shall do this properly. I am unsure in what contex is this meant?

    many thanks for your reply and advice

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    Nice, I'm also a blender user! (Just because I began with blender, and find it difficult now to change my 3D software).
    I would say NICE START: creating a mesh and UV mapping it is 20% of the job (some would say even less?).

    A lot of job remains in front of you to have a "ready to submit" prop! Creation of props -eventually smart- for DAZ and poser, nice textures, nice shaders based on these textures (different shaders on DAZ and poser of course), packaging of all the stuff in a clean runtime structure, meta data for DAZ, promo imagery, etc, etc...
    Of course it is important to have a nice base mesh, but this is only a small part of the job. Yet don't panick, the rest is also interesting to do!
    Good luck for the rest! Let us know.

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    Please see this article on Publishing through DAZ3D -

    I am a Silo user and not a Blender user though i did first try out Blender. In case you need it, this is the tut I started with - - I recommend it to anyone starting out with Blender.

    If you go to Hexagon and you are using a 64bit version of windows, I recommend you use a small app called "Large Address Aware" to make Hex able to go beyond the 2GB memory limit. See the down load at the bottom of the first post -

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    @Kadix I know what you mean when you say you find it hard to adapt to another modelling software I have 3ds max and never even attempted to use it.

    @Mattymanx thank you for the Publishing through DAZ3D -

    I have too much information and tutorials already on blender but thank you for the guide link.

    I do have a windows 64 bit but I do not envisage creating an item that would require 2GB if I was to take such an item into hexagon.

    In essence all I wish to do is go through the entire process with a 3d model and hopefully have this model as a item within the daz market place.

    I plan on starting out with some thing small like the paintball gun, I was not able to find such an item for sale so thought why not create it!

    Possibly I could go through the process but give the finale item away as a freebee.

    This way I can use this thread to go step by step with rendering and lighting and promo images to test myself if this is truly the avenue I wish to go down.

    Your time and advice is truly helpful and I thank you for taking the time to help.

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