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I remember on the old site there used to be a place to report sightings of Daz Products in use. Was playing a game on Facebook and ran across what I am certain is the Daz House Mouse -- I do know they use a lot of Poser models to make this game, many are things I've bought at Rendo & elsewhere. Anyway, does anybody know if there's gonna be a Product Sightings around here? Would be nice to have that, especially if, as I believe the original did, they give vouchers or GCs as prizes for the first person spotting cool uses of Daz models.

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    I haven't seen a thread here at DAZ' new site yet. But you might have started the thread by your question.

    And since they dropped vouchers, you might get store credits instead.

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    If anyone is still tracking sightings of DAZ products, it looks as if Kibarreto's Vanguard features in the image at this page on BoingBoing. In fact, it seems as if the spaceship is actually part of the cover-art for the self-published ebook they're promoting.

    So that's exposure of a kind, I guess.

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