Did something stupid with a texture, now, object won't add texture...

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I know, I know, I did something stupid, and am wondering if anyone can suggest how to fix it...

I downloaded the birdcage, but it has a manual installer, and so I went through and added things to what I THOUGHT were the correct directories. But I had mistakenly put the texture in the wrong directory. When I clicked to load the cage, it gave me the error, that the texture could not be found.

This usually clues me in that I put it in the wrong directory, but this time, I clicked 'do not warn me again.'

Now the item never warns me, but also doesn't load the texture. The item now shows all white everytime I load it. I'd appreciate your suggestions in how to fix this issue. You've all been really helpful in the past. Thanks so much.




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    Poser or DS? PC or Mac?

    Everything following is Poser on a PC info and may not apply to DS or a Mac but there SHOULD be a similar answer for those.

    Have you restarted Poser? That usually does it for me.

    There are two solutions:

    The one I use is called Runtime repair. This allows you to correct errors in file references. You have to be careful and eliminate dupe file names from the textures & geometries folders to get this to be 100% error free.

    The other is to open the CR2/PP2/PZ2 etc in a text editor and correct the file path. Unfortunately, Poser uses a relative path so the path can look right and still be wrong. The solution is to make sure the texture is in the same runtime as the model or (this is my preference) use an absolute path. I wouldn't try going through my entire runtime converting to absolute path names, just use them when you have a troublesome file.

    Incidentally, Runtime Repair will convert everything to absolute paths. But again, you'll have to scrub your Geometries and Textures files to ABSOLUTELY eliminate any dupe names. This CAN be very time consuming.

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    I like the content, this is good!

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    I am using daz. Will this work in daz too. I am sorry :blush: I should've mentioned that. I did restart it, but the object shows white. And there is no uninstaller to start over.

    I have located the texture file. Is there a way to load the text file manually?

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    You can load your texture file by selecting your white object in your scene,
    go to Surfaces tab (check if there are more than one material applied)
    go to Diffuse, click on the little window at the left and from there browse to the texture file you have located
    select that file name from the list
    and that's it

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    The cage hmm... Doesn't look right. Is there a way to restore a prop to default, or get daz to ask me again about maps? Or perhaps to restore overall preferences back to default. The cage looks very flat, and not like it does in the store picture.

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    Go to your Surfaces Tab, find the item and Add the textures to each part of the item one by one. Some items will have Bump/Displacement textures that will also need to be added to the proper parts. Click on the little arrow next to Diffuse Color to add the Color map, do the same for a bump or displacement map for that part. This can take awhile some times to get all the textures added to the model.

    Once you get everything re-loaded you can do File>Save As> Material Preset and save it to a place you like. Then you could just load that everytime you load your prop to get the textures back.

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