New site on mobile device?

bringhobringho Posts: 200
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Has anyone successfully used the new site on anu mobile device?

Sent from my Galaxy II (on vacation far away from my stationary cp)


  • ps1borgps1borg Posts: 12,672
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    All the time :)

  • LoaarLoaar Posts: 0
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    I can use the new site just fine on my iPad, which should mean it also works fine on an iPhone.

  • Miss Bad WolfMiss Bad Wolf Posts: 16,961
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    I am using a kindle fire right now

  • th3Digitth3Digit Posts: 16,629
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    on my Samsung Galaxy now! as usual,
    can download zips from store too! pity most pc files are not zips yet!!!
    downloaded DS4.5 on my tablet
    :red: no I did not try to run it lol! sent it by bluetooth to my laptop!

  • DzFireDzFire Posts: 1,264
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    Looks good on both my Android phone and tablet.

  • MarieahMarieah Posts: 518
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    Fine on both my Asus transformer prime and on my ipad.

  • erdi65erdi65 Posts: 0
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    works well on htc Explorer, Android 2.3.5

  • RAMWolffRAMWolff Posts: 7,842
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    Yup, I just got my Samsung Galaxy II TAB yesterday (was up till 2:30 in the AM playing with it and setting it up... lordy I'm too old for that sort of late night stuff!) but DID use it to go to the DAZ3D web site. I can tell you though, I was not pleased with how Opera Mobile works. It kept respelling my logon user name / email address as I was typing it in! SHEESH! lol I had made a purchase paying with PayPal a few days back and it never emptied out my cart and since the new system won't tell you if you've already purchased something (I'm sure they will implement that useful tool later on) I actually deleted the cart via the Galaxy. Does work fine. A bit cumbersome at first but works fine! :-)

  • VaskaniaVaskania Posts: 5,921
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    I've used it on my Mytouch 4G to do everything from posting to purchasing.

  • bringhobringho Posts: 200
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    Thats great news!

    I've tried both the built in browser and Opera Mobile on this Galaxy II and on my Galaxy Tab 10.2

    The most annoying problem is that there is no way I can access the cart if i want to finalize a purchase... on the other hand it's an efficient way to reduce spending ;-)

    If it works for everyone else then it must be something with my settings...

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