SuperSuit Bundle caused Studio 4 to crash

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I just bought one of the supersuit bundles but whenever I try to add it to a scene, it causes a fatal error to occur in Studio 4. Is there perhaps a newer version of Studio that I need to have? I think the version I have it 4.0.39


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    I see there's a newer version than what I have. I am downloading it now. Hope it helps.

  • KevinHKevinH Posts: 869
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    I downloaded the latest version that was showing on the product page. Is that where you get the latest version? There was a serial number in the zip that downloaded. But I purchased the pro version when it first came out. Since I already had my purchased version installed would it have kept my serial number? I looked at the registration menu panel and it said serial and then a lot of xxx's, There was an empty place to enter a serial number. Does this mean I'm not registered now? Or do the xxx's just mask my serial number?


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    The registration menu panel always looks like that.

    Check your installed plugins to make sure they are all registered correctly that's about they only way to confirm that the correct S/N has been entered or carried over I have never had a problem with it not carrying it over with all the times I have updated

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