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See the attached image -- apparently I have to put a serial number into all those boxes by the plug-in names -- looks like about 20 of them, to activate them.

1. Where do I get the serial numbers?

2. Does the page mean I somehow didn't install Daz Studio correctly?

3. Is my Daz Studio thus operating with much reduced functionality?

Thank you for any information.


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    When you downloaded DS4 was it in a .zip? There should be a readme file with the serial number. Go to "Help > Register DAZ Studio" and put the serial number there. Then when you restart DS4 you should only have 2 plugins which aren't activated, Decimator and Animate2. Both of those are paid plugins that aren't included with the free DS4, although Animate2 will work for 30 days before reverting to Animate Lite. You can use the check-box at the bottom when that dialog comes up to stop being alerted about those two.

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    Those are, as it says at the top, the DS Pro plugins - you need to enter the DS Pro serial number (once) and restart DS. If you bought DS from the store whether for money or free, then the serial number will be in your account's Available Serial codes page - if you downloaded it it will be in the zip, in the readme, though there was a brief spell when it wasn't and was instead in a forum thread - if you downloaded then you will, I'm afraid, need to redownload.

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    It was in the zip file, as I recall, but where is the zip file now? Am having trouble finding it.

    There are so many Daz files on my computer, in various places. I'm wondering what the zip file in question is called. And then must I again extract the files from inside the zip file? Or should I try to find the already extracted files?

    UPDATE: I found the serial number and put it in the Register box. It worked! Now the plug-ins list has only one item, something called ani-mate" or the like.

    Thank you very much both of you.

    I may end up re-downloading Daz anyway, as I'm not sure all is well with it. It seems like stuff that used to be in the smart content section is no longer there.

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    Animate 2 is a 'paid for' plugin, so unless you bought it, you wont be able to register it. The same applies to Decimator.

    Smart Content relies on the ContentManagementServer process running on your system. If you are on Windows, have a look in the Task Manager to see if it is listed as a running process.

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    AniMate 2 does work partially, in "Lite2 mode, without a serial number.

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