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as the title says I'm looking for trees and grass.

Trees that look good close up please and grass that isn't too high spec'd and that also looks good close and can be used as a ground without having to render separately,

I did try my own grass, i used a fur shader (displacement fur) and tweaked it but it took 30mins to render just the grass and i couldn't render it in the scene which is what i wished to do.

My computer spec's are windows 8 (64bit), 4gb ram and geforce 210 graphic card.


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    This is the best grass I've found:

    It's poly grass, not transmapped so it renders much much faster. It does add up quickly though.

    I used it as the grass in this scene:

    There are a lot of great trees too, but most have transmapped leaves and anything with transmaps is going to slow down your renders.

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    thanks that looks fantastic :-D

    the trees I'll happily render separate if needs be :-D any ones that would look good in a medieval render :-)

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    I am a great fan of X frog trees, although they are transmapped and can take age to render

    some free samples at the moment

    Also I admit I do like Dinoraul trees, from renderosity and he is currrently on sale over there.

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    thanks :D

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    If you have Bryce or Vue you can make your own tree's for DS...either export out as obj or as 2d tree's with a texture and alpha map on a square or plane or 2d square,If you need a tutorial for Bryce and 2d tree's I can upload one to my dropbox for you...

    here is a pic I did in Bryce using 2d planes in not just the tree's but also the fog and clouds and animals...

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    Billboard trees are fine for background stuff, but I personally wouldn't use them for foreground trees in close up, which is what the OP is after.

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    Merlin has some very nice trees and shrubs in his sets too.

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    Wowser! Grassy-ass ;-P

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