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my 123D catch model mesh

With a lot of trial an error on my behalf with html which baffles me!
can embed my own mesh on Google sites
but not Daz mesh due to licensing restrictions
miss the Artzone hosting, I wish they would upgrade the plugin not only for DS4 but have an option to embed encrypted models somewhere.


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    I guess I have buckleys of actually finding out how to really use this app to it's full potential on this forum!
    I asked enough on the old one and no-one else seems to have ever bought it or used it :red:
    I would love to change the background image for a start
    and get backfaces to show on my models!
    even the Daz figures seemed to suffer the single vertex thickness invisible backface issue with clothes.
    once I get the hang of Google sites attachments and linking it, it IS a good way of showing off my own 3D models if I ever get any better at making them!
    even if the Daz webhosting never comes to pass.
    maybe one day I will get my actual Google sites webpage no-one visits up again with embedded 3D scenes
    (mostly blank boxes since Artzone died!) a few of my YouTube videos and a picture is all that is there now.
    the only thing about that is I created 3D scenes using Daz figures like a nativity or Santa putting gifts under a tree that I now cannot display anywhere.
    it WAS on my myspace page too I never use but embedding the artzone flash was possible.

    btw it also works on my Android!!
    unlike many flash based webpages, only I cannot zoom in, no middle mouse key, tapping does not work
    can scroll around though by touch.

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    I'd look, but it would upset The Delicate Cosmic Balance Of The Universe.

    I am required to boycott google and am forbidden to unblock it from my computer.

    Try another host! Code is code and should work on any site that isn't blocking or limiting it's use.

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    I don't have anywhere else!
    hence my post!
    used to use Artzone, studio sent it there via the plugin.
    can send you the zip file of my htm doc which is on Reallusion's forum in respons to a similar app and the link to the sharecg model and it's viewer!

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    FYI , Licensing issues aside with the advent of 3D PDF, HTML5 & WebGL, and Flash 11 Stage 3 there are several other options for displaying 3D models and scenes in a web browser. I have good experience with exporting Poser and DS figures to websites using HTML5/WebGL 3d engines and it works great in latest versions of Chrome and Firefox without a need for a special plug in. There are several free and affordable solutions available on the market. Both Stage 3 and WebGL extensions of HML5 and Adobe Flash respectively, take advantage of GPU hardware to accelerate ray traced 3D renders in the browser.
    3D PDF's are really cool and flexible, however some implementations (for complex scenes and rich media) work only when the PDF is downloaded and opened out of the browser.
    Also with IE 11 embracing Flash, things may change again.

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    yes, I know there are other apps, but I have this one already!
    (bought it on sale)
    with the Artzone hosting it worked quite well too!
    it gave me an embed code so I could stick my turnable scenes in a player on other sites or forums with html too!
    I have still to figure out how to do that from my Google site! (can link)
    but that is more due to my lack of knowledge of html
    I have not used it since the demise of Artzone, just trying it again now I have mesh of my own I can share.
    I would be interested to hear how it displays on other people's browsers though.

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    The scene opens, not certain if its the effect you are seeking. Here is a screenshot.

    1158 x 543 - 412K
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    yeah, unfortunately that IS the model I have uploaded!
    never said it was good :red:
    I am asking more about the 3dsom plugin than my modelling skills or lack there of!
    (it is a 123D catch of my garden furniture)

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    No complaints on the model. Being unfamiliar with the model was not sure if all parts came through. Does 3DSom allow for a custom background image? Might be neat for making 3d story books.

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    That I would like to know too!
    I think you can add one via the html settings, I changed the colour once but forgot how
    never had answers from other users on the Daz forum
    think I am the only forum user who bought it!
    you can download the zip file I posted on the Reallusion forum to see what it outputs.

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