Newsletter still coming in wrong

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It has been mentioned by me and others that there is something wrong with the newsletters. The right side is being cut off. Please don't tell me it is a IE problem because I get all kinds of newsletters and Daz is the only one that I cannot see the last 1/8 or 1/4 of the right side.

In the newsletter that I just received titled "Summer Sales Keep Heating Up‏", there is a black bar which looks like it is the start of another box of information. If I hover my mouse just right over this black bar, I see the words "Huge PA Sales".

Can anyone tell me if the newsletter is shown somewhere in the forum so I can see it all. I would like to see what is happening with the Huge PA Sale.


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    I am having the same problem. Hopefully we can get an answer soon.

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    Well they haven't put any links to the PA's actual items in the newsletter and the search isn't working so you aren't missing much ;p

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    I mentioned this in another thread last week. One if the DAZ staff asked me what Mail client I was using but heard no more. Email still messed up and strangely the link to the internet browser version is even worse!!!! Can see less than in the email.
    Luckily I have the emails on my phone as well which display OK so can see them in full on that so at least I now know whats's going.

    For the record I'm using Microsoft Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.
    Phone is Safari and works perfectly.

    Pic to show what I get in internet browser, email is similar.

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    Well when I get the newsletter in my email it is potluck to whether the images display or not. Usually the web version works but not always.

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    Same here, Win7, Windows Live Mail, IE9
    Mail and Internet Explorer looks odd, Firefox is OK

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 27,772
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    Works fine for me in FF

  • CluricaunCluricaun Posts: 18
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    I get the same messed up display on IE 8 & IE 9. It does display properly in Firefox.

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    I'm using IE 8 with XP. Isn't there a way to make emails readable in all types? These are the only emails I get that I can't read.

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    Messed up for me also. Just means they are using non-Standard HTML code that not all browsers see as legal yet. They have to be on the leading edge all the time even if it breaks things for some users.

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