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    Wendy wrote:

    love the likeness of your friend, the first though good and sort of toony could creep out relatives, if he was not dead it would have made a good facebook avatar for example.
    really like the second one, only the shadow on the water looks a bit odd, water reflective, should not cast shadows, if it is the sand subsurface it should be very blurry and distorted, otherwise brilliant.
    the third image has a nice logo look to it, would make a great page illustration with a blog on your friend.

    Thanks Wendy :) Yes it was approaching the "too real" but not very real appearance.... that kind of could be mocking though it is not meant to be, dependingon the viewer.... That's good advice about the shadow. Normally I would have done soft shadows except the image took a whole day to render as it was. Third day in a row arghhh. I'll attack that in post.

    Thanks again for your kind input!

    PS for your blood on the bodies you could just do a render sans blood and add it as a layer to the first image and erase judiciously to expose the first lot in different places?

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    head wax said:
    EDITED for stupidity on my part :)

    I think the best way to start is with an actual image. that we can practice on..... and tell each other where we went wrong in our criticism .. err I mean critique :)

    :lol: I like the stupid part. It came through with the email alert of the post. :lol:

    So, are we going to be criticismers or critiquers?


    sorry I forgot that would happen!
    to be honest Critisiziminging is a lot more fun but it clears the forum pretty quickly because everyone hates each other in the end.
    No wonder humans have wars .....

    Just kidding about the 'more fun' part.
    I think it's just a matter of posting your work and asking for criticism...

    Err I mean critique. :)

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    Frank__ said:
    Wow, lots of comments ...

    While I agree with you, this is NOT the place to do it.

    Where could be the place? (See my badly formulated thread-title.) Maybe we need another (sub-)forum? Carrara-Cafe maybe?


    Carrara Cafe seems the OBVIOUS choice - it was set up for Carrara Users and features a gallery (you can create your own gallery)
    It has a rating system and facility for comment and discussion.
    Some of the work posted there looks very professional so I think you could expect some sensible critique from the people already active on CC. Seems Ideal.

    Sadly I dont see any ratings or comments on the images there so maybe everyone should pay a visit and contribute their opinion to get the ball rolling ?.

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    Wendy's Blood and Ragdoll.

    Love the ragdoll poses (Tutotrial tutorial!)

    The blood looks too glassy imo, and the edge of the blood seems impossibly dome-like (tidy edge, high liquid bevel, like I would expect if maybe the people were tiny and the blood area only an inch or two across).... But it is blood and I know it is blood, so not sure that realism is the better choice here.

    Composition - I probably would have liked it better if the pic was cropped so we couldn't see where the mayhem ends.

    Fascinating and strange as always, but Death and Flowers seems new and somber (not wacky).

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