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just thought I would throw this out there and see what some other opinions are.

I want a scene of my F-4 blasting off the carrier deck! All jets seem to be in full afterburner as they go bounding down the deck.

I would like to have that Tongue of flame coming out the back like the real thing.

I have been looking for a good one online like youtube but there always seem to be a problem with everyone of them, and sue it as a texture map movie!???

I think a PARTICLE EMITTERS in carrara wont give me what I want, I may be wrong... COMMENT!

I was thinking of putting a CYLINDER with a MOVIE as a map of a flame, with an ALPHA. COMMENT!

I have Apple motion 2 and dont think I can pull it off there in post edit BUT? COMMENT?


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    Particle Illusion might be an option.


    I've used it in the past. It's pretty easy to use and produces some very nice results.

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    Yea i Plan on buying it at the end of July! have always wanted it! I plan to get then new ADOBE MASTER SUTE as well which has After effects and am guuna use PI Emmiters in AE

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    Cool. Interesting to see what you do with it.

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    Hi Richard :)

    You could create a simple shape (like an arrow shaped "billboard" then duplicate it and rotate it to make a cross), like a "splat" and then texture map that.
    If you then make a couple of morphs to change the length and width of that model, then you can adjust those in the animation.

    Or,.. you could model a better Cone shape and use that.
    Using some carrara particles, Adding an "Aura" effect, adding Glow to the shader,.. and some post work (Glow and Blur) will also help.

    Flame model,.. | Flame textured with glow and Aura,.. | Flame with some post blur.

    417 x 262 - 24K
    460 x 310 - 20K
    508 x 550 - 31K
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    Since I don't have a good post edit program! I HATE APPLE MOTION! I am gunna have to try in carrara.

    The tongue of flame is always changing ANd you can tell sheet if flying past. Was thinking I could use a MOVIE as the texture map of a real ONE! BUT cant seem to find one that will work at this time! There's always something wrong the one I am digging up.

    But I would like a good excuse to blow $300 on Particle illusion

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    remember that you can animate shaders in Carrara, and with procedural noise you can create some interesting effects by having a mixer of texture maps, blended with a noise which is animated.

    If you use a "noise" tweener, between the key-frames of your flame shape morphs, ..then you'll create that rapidly varying length.
    throw in a few "spark" particles, add a Fog primitive, scaled out to make a vapour trail. ...use a noise tweener on that too.

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    Was thinking the same thing

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    Have you tried the fire primitive? Here's a still shot of a project I'm working on. I'll post a scene file to youtube when I get a chance.

    720 x 480 - 406K
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    Here's the link with the video. Yes, the flames are supposed to cut out. There is no audio. If you wish, I can post my flame settings.

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