Need the 3D community's help in locating Poser items around the 'Net after losing everything followi

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Hi everyone,

I need your help in locating various Poser figures, textures, props, etc. to replenish my Poser Runtime. Let me tell you what happened to me. On September 24, 2010, I was wrongfully evicted from my home in Kansas and lost everything, including my beloved pets, my vehicles, family heirlooms, and all of my Macintosh computers, peripherals and software, including Poser 7, Vue, Photoshop CS3 and much more, including thirty years' worth of Hayseed cartoons, who was the star of my children's book, "Hayseed's First Race".

My main graphics workstation, my Power Mac G5 tower, had Poser 7 loaded on it with years and hundreds of dollars' worth of Poser figures, textures, props, scenes, etc. from Poser 4 on up. I've been homeless since then and am now only beginning to get back into digital graphics with a refurbished Intel Mac Mini, G4 Powerbook and Poser Pro 2012, as well as Adobe CS3 Web Premium.

I'm still emotionally, mentally and physically traumatized over what happened to me and need your help in locating as many of my favorites as possible. I know I can recover what I bought through my account here at DAZ as well as the ones at Renderosity and RuntimeDNA but locating the many freebie items is going to be daunting and that's where I need your help. For starters, one of my favorite props is the 'Pose-Cola' soda can which I used in a number of renders, and here's the link to one of those images featuring it:;&np;
I also want to find this wrought iron bed I used in the following render, as well as the table next to the bed. I remember I got the table from a German website that also had some great indoor plants available for download. Here's the link to my image:;&np;
I also had some fantastically detailed cars that I got from a Japanese website; I remember starting a discussion about cars in the old forum, but of course the old forum with all of its threads are gone--unless DAZ had the foresight to archive them all.

I am also hoping and praying that I can recover many of the DAZ PA Christmas items from past holidays; a lot of those were favorites as well. Obviously, I'll never be able to recover everything but I still hope to get back a large measure of what was lost. I will come back and post more items I'm looking for as I'm able to recall them. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart and God bless!

Sally aka Anim8dtoon


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    The old forums are here, in read only format. You can't search them using search however.

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    Chohole, thank you for the link to the old forums, but since they're in read-only format, I guess it's not going to be of any help in locating many of the items I had on my G5 Powermac :-( so I still need help from everyone here who's able and willing to pitch in! Sally

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    Just some moral support here - wish I could help find them for you. That bed looks SO familiar - I could swear I've had that, but? Those are really nice renders btw!

    I feel so bad for you....I live in terror of something like that happening to me. It has in the past, but that was when I was young, and had few possessions at all, let alone any of value. My car just died, and it looks fatal, don't know how I'm going to get another - that has me fluffed to no end....I really hope you have someone in your life who can help you, and that things get better. The fact that you're working on your art again is reassuring - a creative outlet is the best therapy in life, at least that's how I look at it :)

    I know you can still dl freebies from the Daz PA Christmas threads - I just did a couple days ago (AprilYSH's awesome mustache from 2011). I'll keep my beady eyes out for your bed and soda can. Navigating the Japanese sites is a little more than I can handle, LOL, but I'll try.

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    Hamstergirl, thank you so much for the moral support! I really never thought it would happen to me because I got an emergency motion to vacate judgment onto the docket to stop Wells Fargo from evicting me, and they actually did not have any plans to do so. It was a codes enforcement officer who showed up on my doorstep with a police officer and told me to my face that he had gotten an email the day before purporting to be from a company managing Wells Fargo's properties ordering him to evict me.

    He didn't have a hard copy of that email with him, which was actually a fake one intended to destroy me emotionally, mentally and physically by a vicious group of white collar professionals running a lucrative horse rescue scam on Facebook in retaliation for my speaking out against them and their cruel exploitation of horses for blood money. I've been homeless ever since then and bounced around the country from Kansas to California to Illinois, where a confederate of these vile people stole my Powerbook on their behalf in order to hack into the hard drive and lift the evidence I had gathered against them. They also sabotaged my children's book just three months after it was officially published by Caballo Press of Ann Arbor. A friend I originally met on Facebook took me in, and I've been living with her and her family since then--but there is nothing I want more than to return to Kansas, get my home back and most of all, be reunited with my dogs and cats, all of which I miss very much.

    In the meantime, having a computer again with Poser Pro 2012 and Adobe CS3 Web Premium is proving to be really therapeutic for me. My creative urges were so badly suppressed by the trauma I experienced, that I couldn't bring myself to even pull out a sketchpad and draw for a very long time. I'm hoping and praying that I can find most of those freebies I managed to acquire over the years, and with the help of people like you, I will be forever grateful! Thank you and God bless! Sally

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    Btw, I'm so sorry about your car's dying on you, and I'm praying that you find another one soon so you can get around again. I know how difficult that is! Sally

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    Chohole, thank you for the link to the old forums, but since they're in read-only format, I guess it's not going to be of any help in locating many of the items I had on my G5 Powermac :-( so I still need help from everyone here who's able and willing to pitch in! Sally

    Sorry to hear about your troubles.

    Even in read-only format the old forums are still quite useful since there are hundreds of links to free stuff. Going through these list may help you find your old items, as some of the websites, or the items listed "may ring a bell", if you know what I mean. Here is a list to postings that should be useful:

    General Freepozitory

    redistributable freebie list, last added to on June 18, 2010

    List of freebie websites

    A List of Free Poser / Daz Models (over 350 free models)

    Free Hair and hair related items list

    Free 2D backgrounds, 3D scenes, 3D sets

    You seem to be a Poser user, but nothing beats free. In case you decide to try Daz Studio 4 and Genesis, DS4 Pro is free along with along with Hexagon 2.5 and Bryce 7 Pro.

    Genesis Free Resources

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    Most , if not all, of those lists have been transferred over, and updated, Freebie itmes lists Freebie websites list

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