What does 'processing_auth' mean on an order?

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I just made a purchase from the store using my store credit, and now my order says 'processing_auth'. What does that mean? My purchases show up in my downloads, but they all show as pending and will not download.

Is this a store glitch? Do I need to submit a ticket?

Order #100064441
Carrara 8
Urban Girl for Laura


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    Update: I received the order confirmation email. I also tried to reset the downloads as mentioned in the 'Store Update' thread, but received an 'Invalid order item id or the downloads cannot be reset' message.

    Any Ideas?.

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    Hve Taken a note of this and passed the information on

  • SzarkSzark Posts: 10,208
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    Cho I submitted a Ticket on Thursday becasue of this very issue. I will give it another two weeks until I chase them up for the solution. I am in no rush. :)

  • Gusf1Gusf1 Posts: 154
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    I have the exact same problem with one order on my account as well, so I'ld like to know the answer as well. It's for the genesis bracers so time is not a problem as I haven't gone on to DS 4 yet. I do plan to at some time so I am collecting genesis stuff, like the bracers which were free at the time.

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    Send in a Support ticket to Sales. I just got mine sorted, thanks Daz.

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    Everything got sorted out and I was able to download my products.

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