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Hello. I am looking at buying dragons and i have a question.

Which dragon is better, the Millennium Sub-dragon or the millennium dragon 2.0
I am new and i can't really tell the difference as to which has better features. I am not sure what "sub d" means. but i do see 2.0 has alot more items to it. any help would be great. thank you.


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    SubD(ivision) is the process of taking a mesh and adding extra divisions to it at render time, to smooth it out without having to have the overhead of the extra resolution while posing. As long as you are using an application that suports SubD, as DAZ Studio does, it is handy but in an application that doesn't, or that has a different smoothing algorithm, as Poser does, it can limit the appearance of the model. As you say, the Millennium Dragon 2 has more addons but it's also a somewhat older model, so it's possible that the SubDragon will pose a bit better. Really, you are going to have to look at the images and add-ons and decide which is closest to the look you want.

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    If you're using DS go with the sub dragon, it bends a bit better and the materials render much better out of the box in DS that the Mili dragon that doesn't have DS mats.
    If you're using Poser go with the mili dragon, because the sub dragon's sub-d doesn't work in poser, and the materials are set up for poser and look fine.

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    So...which is included in DAZ? I thought there was a dragon in there, but I never wrapped my head around which dragon it was, compared to the ones that were in the store.

    -- Morgan

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    It's the sub dragon that's included

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    thank you to everyone who responded. it helped alot. I use ds 4 pro. and i think i am going with the sub dragon. it comes with the sub dragon LE, but i want the full version and by the sounds of it, he'll be the best choice. the LE version has worked for me in the past, i just didn't know what "sub D" was., and for $14 right now............... i just might have to use Fisty's hardcore utilities on him for fun!
    Thanks again everyone. Have a great Forth of July!

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    Apply one of the metal shaders and then plug the bump or displacement back in, would look really cool. =)

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