Is there a requirement??

digitelldigitell Posts: 382
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For this item?
I dont see where it says what you have to have for this to work? Does anyone know?
Thank you! :)


  • Scott LivingstonScott Livingston Posts: 4,272
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    Don't know, but judging by the product description, it's based on the DAZ Buck: However, it's described as stand-alone, which should mean that you don't need to own the Buck to use the Antelope.

  • digitelldigitell Posts: 382
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    Hi Scott..thanks for replying..yes that is where my confusion came in..the way they have it described, I cant tell if you need the buck or not. The Buck is not that expensive so I guess I could just give it a try to see if it is needed or not and if it is I guess I can just get the buck afterwards.
    Thank you for trying to help me. Cheers! :)

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