Superbelt. Deforming errors



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    Okay got it that time, thanks!

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    The download worked and the error is no longer occurring. Thank you!

    I do have a question about the belt functionality. I thought the belt originally merged the wide and narrow seqments when they were set to the same height. This allowed for making larger pouches on the belt. Did this option need to be sacrificed in order to stop the belt from deforming?

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    Whew! Glad you got it :)

    WulfricF I am not sure. I will take a look at the first version of the belt and then the new one and see if it can be done that way. I think though that what you saw was more of a by product of the morphs not working correctly. They were warping both the sides and back of the belt making some pouches look bigger because of it. I will take a look though but give me a couple of days on it because I am super busy at the moment. But I will look at it. *Notes it on her yellow stickies and pastes it to her second monitor so she won't forget*


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    You are the best Jen. And thanks for the heads up in the it's working now post WolfricF. I'm not 100%, heck I'm not 50% today so it will be much later before I install and test. Or even Boot DS.

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    {{{hugs Jen}}}
    Take care of your head!
    We need it.

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    Jaderail said:
    Thank You so much for your work. And for the trouble you have gone too to let us know about the fix JGreenLees. I will test this soon.

    Yay, thanks! I just found this topic again, I'll try to download'n'install it tonight after I get home from work.
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