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Free Daz items from Sharecg... questions



  • BendinggrassBendinggrass Posts: 788
    edited December 1969

    Hello Again.

    All of the files in the F:\Poser Runtimes are found in the "Poser Formats" of the Daz 4 Content Library.
    And the Content Library of DAZ Studio Formats is here.
    I may have erred on including images here.

    521 x 304 - 17K
    709 x 578 - 28K
    493 x 590 - 24K
  • BendinggrassBendinggrass Posts: 788
    edited December 1969

    Sorry... I had to add, I just don't know where, really, to look for the new item I tried to install.
    It should be in the Daz Formats I guess.

  • JaderailJaderail Posts: 0
    edited June 2012

    Okay I might have caught one error, when you did your PASTE did you allow the Runtime folders to do MERGE? You can only have one Runtime in DS's content folder. DS will not see a Runtime folder inside another Runtime folder.

    But just like Poser you can have as many External Runtime folders as you wish as long as you add them to your DS directories Preferances. You can even have extra DS content folders as long as you set them up properly.

    EDIT: If it is installed properly you should find the V4 clothing stuff in Poser Formats>Figures for the items and Poses for the textures.

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  • BendinggrassBendinggrass Posts: 788
    edited December 1969

    Hi Jaderail.

    Thanks. Apparently I installed it properly.
    I went to the folders in Content Library, and following your instructions, there it was.
    Wow, it worked !!!!!
    You know, now I will probably go nuts with free content..... :)
    Do you know how I can do the same with my external Poser Runtimes?
    That way I can also use these in PP2012.

    Thanks so much.

  • JaderailJaderail Posts: 0
    edited June 2012

    AS long as the content only comes in a RUNTIME folder just do the same thing. Unzip to a temp folder Copy the Runtime folder and thent PASTE it into one of your Poser Runtime folders with the Merge option.

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