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For the first time in many many years I have an opportunity to set up another machine with Bryce Lightning, and thus to render using 2 PC's, mine and my husband's.
However, I have no idea how to do this.

What do I do?

My husband downloaded Bryce7Pro and DazStudio for himself to use when he feels like it - I think he's just jealous! Lol!

I have version 7.1. 0.74 Bryce7Pro - I don't know what version my husband's will be - he has no serial number as yet, so we can't open it and check.

Okay, so I would assume that I should load up Bryce Lightning on my husband's PC, but the version that I downloaded from the site, so that it's compatible with MY Bryce, not his - yes??? No???

Or does that not matter?

He wants Bryce to experiment with, but when he's at work, he says I can use his machine as a render farm, thus the questions about how to set up Bryce Lightning.

Can anyone help?


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    Fran, you may find some help in this thread.

    For a serial number for Your husbands copy of Bryce 7 pro, check this thread, First post, scroll down a wee bit.

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    If the "bryce_7_artist_guide_wip0913.pdf" is still available somewhere on this site, download and open it. Click ctrl-F and enter "Lightning" in the search field. You get a description how it works on the PC. It works probably the same on the MAC. Important to know is that Mac and PC cannot be mixed. All clients must be either PCs or Macs.

    EDIT: I just found the link, thanks to Eva1: and the link actually works, just checked it.

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    Thanks very much Horo and Chohole, it all looks very useful.
    I'll pass on the tech stuff to my husband.

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    Just to add a bit more...

    PPC Macs ( G4, G5 etc ) running Bryce will connect to Windows XP Lightning clients, but not the other way round.

    When the code was built for Intel Macs, the discovery protocol used by Bryce was changed, so only Lightning
    clients running on other intel Macs will work

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    Thank you. Good to know.

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    Oddly enough, I just revisited this last night. Technically, you do not need a full Bryce install on the slave machine to do network renders. All you really need to do is put the Lightning installer on the slave and install it. Fire up lightning on the slave before starting the network render on the master. I started a Lightning instance on the master as well, but I think this is not required, as long as you set render priority to High on the master.

    The only non obvious part of this process, explained in the old threads is that network rendering is only for animation renders. To network render a still image (what I just did last night), you set up an animation of one frame, render to a BMP, and then open the network render options dialog. Do a search for the machines running Lightning, and make sure their status is green, then render away.

    My only pie-in-the-sky wishlist item for Bryce would be a Linux port of Lightning! I can collect an army of cheap Linux boxes to throw at renders, but not with Bryce. I will be setting one up for Luxrender with Reality and DS, but that setup will not help Bryce.

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