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    If the new store had a possibility to select "favorite artists" you would be one of them!

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    OK, let's get the ball rolling with a good old-fasioned competition! A Poser render competition featuring Genesis (anyone who doesn't want Genesis, or doesn't like it, doesn't have to enter)


    1st Prize - Victoria 5 Pro Bundle and Michael 5 Pro Bundle

    2nd Prize either the Victoria 5 Pro Bundle or the Michael 5 Pro Bundle

    3rd Prize A DAZ Original Starter Bundle (I think they are all listed HERE but there are some extras that show up, so be sure it says "Starter Bundle" in the product title and is a DO)


    Obviously, since you're interested in Genesis ANYWAY there's a possibility that you already have V5, M5, or indeed both and a slew of extras... so if you already own the listed prize you will be able to swap in any DAZ Original of the same or lesser value.

    Entries must be posted to this thread.

    Image must be 800x800 maximum to allow them to be posted to the forum. A larger version can be linked to, but the forum posting is what will be judged on. (I am VERY flexible on this)

    Images must use (at least) one Genesis figure prominently in the scene.

    Images must contain (at least) one figure/conformer which has been transferred to Poser using the CR2 exporter. My tut ( CAN be used as a reference to aid in doing this, but that is not mandatory. Nor is there any bar on exporting other figures as .OBJ files – but at least one should use the CR2 exporter. It can be Genesis or an item of clothing, or both.

    Images MAY use any form of post-work, although when judging I (Cliff) personally will give kudos to renders without post-work (i.e. if there are two images that rank exactly the same but one is post-worked and one is not, the non-post-worked image will win out for me).

    Judges’ decisions are final, and since it’s based on an appreciation of art may appear arbitrary. I will NOt be the only judge ;)

    All images should be newly created, never seen anywhere before - though they can be posted elsewhere once you've shown at least a WIP here.

    Compettion closes 1st July at 23:59:59 Utah time.

    It might be nice if DAZ could be granted the right to use any images submitted for publicity purposes, but would that be pushing things too far? (seeking forumite opinion here)

    Every entrant should have a blast, enjoy trying to do something in the render that amuses them... whether it’s the process or the result. It’s the law, fun shall be had.



    Since I am using Poser that Tutorial would have come in handy but I can not afford it:(
    I guess I have to search the Net to find help.

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    I've uploaded some supplemental scripts (crease angle changes, smooth polys on/off) to:

    They're not huge, but they can ease the workflow a little :)



    This is put into Poser, right? And, what is the way it goes in? I know what way items go into Daz is. But I don't know how to put things into Poser.

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    The scripts would be in Python as that is Poser's scripting language. It is best to place python scripts in the Python folder in the main Poser app folder. By default, Poser still searches that folder for scripts.

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    By the way: DS 4.5 is sounding more and more interesting:
    Added UI options for conformMorphs, conformScale, and conformEndpoints to the Cr2 exporter

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    Here is my entry for the Genesis to Poser .CR2 Competition.

    Victoria 5 Shape
    Future Cop Top
    Future Cop Pants
    Future Cop Boots
    exported using the cr2 Exporter

    furthermore in the scene
    Radiant Jaguar Hair, the walled city and some primitives

    Rendered in Poser Pro 2012, no Postwork (except resizing)

    800 x 600 - 303K
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    3Duniverse's Toon Amy wearing Littlefox's Dakota pants and boots. My fiber hair on Amy and the horse. Only postwork was a little curves to brighten the image.

    Are we only allowed to enter one image?

    800 x 800 - 214K
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    Thanks for allowing more than one image -- five is a generous limit.

    This is V5 wearing V4 clothing and hair. The jaguar is Tiny's furred cat with Lyne's jaguar texture and morph.

    800 x 800 - 282K
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    Thanks for the update Cliff, grabbing it now. In the meantime here is a quick entry.

    Genesis exported with the tutorial and cr2 exporter, using Brennan, Evolution Morphs and SAV Atlas with the M4 UVs. SickleYield's Barbarian Rags also exported via the tutorials and scripts. Neftis Historical Curls, Predetron's Bushes, Stonemason's One Tree Hill, Val's Spears and Lyne's Milcat based Black Jaguar and a couple of other friends from the EF Wildlife series. Rendered in PoserPro2012 with minimal post in Photoshop (levels and resize)

    667 x 800 - 464K
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    Hey - looks like I did it in time (if I didn't stumble over the time zones differences). Not my best render, but I am having FUN!

    Genesis - Daz
    He is Rhinoman - Valandar (I decided that he doesn't need clothes - and he's so cute! LOL)
    She is a mix of morphs:
    Genesis Evolution Morphs - Daz
    Sosie V5 - Sarsa
    Genesis Head Morph Resource Kit 3 - Thorne, Handspan Studios
    Hitomi - MallenLane
    Skin is Alice - Alfaseed (Aerysoul)

    Clothes and Hair:
    Hitomis Day Out - MallenLane
    ElfSandals - Mada
    Fuji Hair for Genesis - Fisty

    Streets of Asia 2 - Stonemason
    Songbird Remix (sorry, I don't know which package, it's the California Quail) - Ken Gilliland

    800 x 600 - 401K
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    Thanks for the confirmation about the timing.
    I've got nearly too many characters for Genesis.
    But it does make mixing fun! :D

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    Thought I would try another, Summer Days

    Genesis times 2, 1 V4 UV and 1 K4 UV, Lana Elite and Jamila (sp?) textures, Basic Figure shapes, Evolution Morphs with a bit of Aven and Jasmin as well. Jasmin Bikini and Wilmap's swimsuit exported and fit with the help of the scripts. Dream Home yard and Pool, Barbeque and Swing set were weekly freebies here at Daz. PoserPro2012 render, resized in Photoshop.

    1000 x 1200 - 878K
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    Missed the Deadline but I'm posting it anyway (never could get my time zones sorted out)

    I present for your entertainment the 'Defence of the Dodo' the starring role is taken by Genesis wearing the MS Lycan Character, and a few others that fell into the mix, also sporting items from Corsair for Genesis.

    The textures need further tweeking and the Corsair items need a bit more help with stretching and poke through but as a first attempt I'm reasonably pleased, thanks for the scripts and the tutoriial Cliff you are a Star!

    1530 x 1082 - 505K
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    No worries Cliff - yes I did hope to make the deadline, and having produced an image for you I just really wanted you to see it - I won't be miffed if you don't include me in the judging!!!

    And oops sorry about the file size I'd got 2 jpg files and uploaded the wrong one - the smaller one was not only the correct size it was also gamma corrected and a little brighter - trying to do things in a rush inbetween revising for exams!

    And to everyone else well done and best of luck - it's great to see what can be achieved with Genesis in Poser :)

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    As my picture isn't great anyway and as Daz is always extending deadlines ... I would say include Rosie D's picture. :)

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    If any of the other contestants have an opinion on whether Rosie's image should be allowed to sneak in or not, please let me know - you can do so via PM if you'd rather it was private, and it would probably help us to come to "the right decision".

    I wouldn't have had an issue with an image entered a little late, but when it also fails to follow the rules I'd be a little dismayed if it were allowed. But you've also said you didn't like to be too strict with the rules, so allowing it sounds fair enough. Whatever the outcome I had fun with the renders and enjoyed the other entries.

    Good luck everyone (and winners are obligated to post poser renders here of their genesis goodies!)

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    Winners have to post a new render featuring their winnings? Darn - do you think that if I snuck back tot he first post and added that, anyone would notice? ;) 'cos that would have made a smashing rule!

    Hey, you are VERY flexible on the rules for contestants, I think that should also apply to you too, right? Hee hee -- that means you can change the rules a little on the fly too. Yeah, do it! And, EVERY item in the bundles has to be used in one or more images. How's that for a rule? :lol:

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