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I have both hands posed together exactly the way I want them, but I'd like to move the arms around without "breaking" the hands apart from each other. When I pin them to together, they still move with their respective arms...

Is there some way to pin them both so they move in concert? I've even been desperate enough to try parenting and grouping, but of course that doesn't work. I've searched around for a thread regarding this but couldn't find anything, sorry if I'm duplicating


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    If you hope to freeze the hand positon with keep current hand poze,
    you may better use Active Poze tool.

    Open tool setting tab, top menu>windows>tabs
    then Select Active poze tool by top section of the pane Active tool selection.

    After that,

    select hand node in scene tab, or 3d view with Active poze tool ,
    then In Active poze tool pzne, click toggle pins

    it almost perfectly fix the Node position. then it may not change each finger rig rotation.

    after that, show Gizmo, then select Arm node, then drug by Gizmo.

    thought it can not rotate Arms , but It seems only way to keep the hands positon,
    with moving Arms .

    In my pic now I pin "plevis", "neck" then both of foot, and both "hand".
    then move around r-arms by Gizmo. it is not easy to adjust good poze by translation only
    but it work.

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    Arigato, Kitakore! Now I can use the Active Pose tool, which only confused me before. Your suggestion worked, in that the hands no longer come apart when I move the arms but now the hands are frozen in place... What I really want is to keep the hands together and move them around. Is that even possible?

    Thanks again for taking the time to help me out

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    to keep the hand together,, means,

    keep the relative postion of each hand, and keep the hand poze (fingers rotation)
    then translate both hands at same time?? like that?

    Sorry,,,, I think,, DS can not do it,, ^^; or I can not find the way.(may never find )
    I think,, it is actuall constrain Function.

    but there is good tool to help you like such things,

    if you find it help you,,
    please say thank you to mcasual,, not to me ^^;

    he offer many good tools for animation in daz studio,,
    but I can not fully explore his tools,,,
    too many things,,, to need to know,,

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    DArn, in other 3D programs, I would create a null object, then place it between the hands, and parent hands to it. Doesn't seem to work in DS though :(

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    Hint: Make TWO Nulls in Same Place. Parent Left hand to one and Right Hand to the other. You could Even Parent both Nulls to a third Null. It helps if you just think one step farther sometimes.

    I never did this But I see no reason it Will not work. Keeping the Nulls LOCKED in XYZ Parameters might be needed. I think.

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    jaderlail (Addict)
    no child has two parent. did you forget it?

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    jaderlail (Addict)
    no child has two parent. did you forget it?
    Yes, yes I did. But my Mom and Dad are wondering just how I was born. It took two to make me, their child.
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    Jaderail (sorry now you are [email protected]@;),

    I am afraid,,
    to make child need only one parent in future.

    then I need to say,, I found active poze tool from your answer for another topic
    one year ago,,, ^^b

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    LOL! I just not done it in so Long I forgot the proper way. You just keep on fixing my errors. All is good.

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    I haven't abandoned this thread, I just got caught up in some work for a client... I'll be back soon. That mcjAutoLimb looks like it would do the trick, I will audit the tool and get back to you

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