Siren Hair

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I purchased Siren Hair because the description said it was for Genesis and Victoria 4 and as I use Poser I thought I could use the Victoria 4 version but when I went to download the file I only had the following files available

Siren Hair
14643_SirenHair_1.0_trx.exe - PC - Mac

I believe the trx file is for Genesis so where is the Victoria 4 version?


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    There is only one installer, but it contains all the files.

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    I installed to my desktop so I could sort the files out as these all in one installers are a pain

    People and Data files to "My Library" or "Content" folder depending on how you have your DS4 content set up and then the runtime folder to where you keep your V4 items

    The textures only need to be in one location as long as that location as a mapped runtime within DS4

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