Using textures from V4 and V5 on the new Genesis 2 female model

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I am bit confused when it comes to using skin textures from V4 and V5 on the new genesis 2 female model , they do not want to be applied at all even after selecting the v4 or v5 UV Set , why is that ?

could someone please explain to me how one uses the textures or even if its possible ?

Thanks for the help in advance


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    I have no problem applying any skin textures from either V4 or V5 with the existing presets.
    You do have to make sure it is a skin only and not one that has morphs in it.

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    It looks like you can only apply textures to Genesis2 in the .duf format. Are the textures that don't work in the new .duf format or one of the older script formats?

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    I was having this problem and converting worked, but can you tell me is there a quick way to convert them all? or do you have to open each one save it to a model and them save as a .duf - rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat ... :(

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    This would mean I have to spend days converting my hundreds of characters of which some come with up to 100 different files just to please Genesis 2 / V6.

    No, that's no fun at all!!

    What was so difficult about to make it accept pz2, ds and dsa files????

    PLEASE FIX!!!!!

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    Oh, btw you need this to be able to use V4 skins.

    and i was a little annoyed to read this:

    note: Due to a limitation in how DAZ Studio handles presets, only material presets which are in DUF format can be directly applied. Any existing material presets must be re-saved in DUF format from the original Victoria 4.

    I have been applying all sorts of file formats to Genesis (1) from the day it came out. It's not D|S that's limited is Genesis 2!!

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    I am seriously not happy about this.

    One thing I love about Genesis is how easily it works with older versions of things. I never, ever use V4 but I buy lots of V4 characters just to use their skins.

    I expected to be able to do the same thing with Genesis 2.

    And on top of that, buying the Pro Bundle and still having to buy the V4 converter and the Head and Body Morphs?

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    I feel like Genesis was just getting sorted with all it's updated figure bundles (Steph, David, Freak etc..) and now we're already on to the next versions??


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    how do you apply v4 o to v5 UV Sets in poser,

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