the Depression of a long time DAZ user

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what I find annoying about this is no official word from DAZ

No consideration for those of us who've been here since Victoria 1 days

Pro bundles that don't include everything you need to use items in the bundles

you have to purchase items from 3rd parties just to use older DAZ skin textures & apply clothes in autofit

sales that change almost by the hour

and the latest figure model is still specificly for use in Dazstudio

after how many people going on about such things for days , still no official word from DAZ

OH they've now added a basic underwear with a total of 3 Seperate texture sets , which look like the same sets but re-coloured in phtoshop, really

I'm a long time loyal platinium club member but I have never been more tempted to just quit & leave DAZ .
so DAZ if you actually read this & don't just delete this & threaten to ban me from the site . Give me a reason to keep coming back please give me a reason

hope for some encouraging replies before I start looking for a noose


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    Are you talking about Genesis 2?

    This thread has been here since the 11th June : in the PC Members forum.

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    due to my long term health issues the first I heard about Genesis 2 Victoria 6 was a e-mail advert yesterday. I went online to relax & found all this going on

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    Playing and rendering Aiko3 or 19 can cure a lot of blahs. i find. ;)

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    Are you talking about Genesis 2?

    This thread has been here since the 11th June : in the PC Members forum.

    I don't think that's the kind of word from DAZ he means. If he is like me, he would expect someone from DAZ to come out and say something more than look how great she is. Granted, they put out the developer, but I believe that's because no one at DAZ wanted to take the heat.

    As a PC member, I would expect someone to explain why G2 wasn't introduced before V6, why we couldn't wait until we had G2F and G2M. Maybe we don't have to wait at all because Dimension Theory seems to have G2M to update Gen X. Many, many more questions.

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    I guess my advice is, think of all the reasons why you enjoyed this hobby two days ago. All of those things* are still valid...the only thing that has changed is that some new products are in the store. If you'd prefer not to buy them, that is a valid option (one that just about all of us exercise on a regular basis).

    Hope this helps a little--rendering something fun as Misty Whisky suggested sounds like a good idea too.

    *Making some assumptions here, so forgive me if I'm wrong!

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    You think this is bad?

    I received a Personal Promise from Dan Farr shortly after V4.1 came out that The Millennium Cow would be released BEFORE ANY yucky human figures got updated.

    Then V4.2 came out, and the rest of Gen4 - still no Millennium Cow.

    Then Genocide came out with all it's retro morphs, and still no Millennium Cow.

    Now Genocide2 is out and yet again, no Millennium Cow!

    Now some people tell me that since the Promise was from Dan Farr, and he no longer works here - it doesn't count. Others try to tell me it doesn't count because the promise was made in a dream I had, and not in "real life" - but I reject both of those excuses!!

    Countless Millions are awaiting The Millennium Cow, and they insist on angering customers by pursuing Genocide.

    It makes no sense to me either.

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    to fill in some details, Yes I do have long term health issues I'll give you a list of my medication if you don't believe me

    I do 3d artwork to keep sane basicly, Now for some reason my computer dosn't like Dazstudio & poser on it at the same time, poser stops funtioning properly until I uninstall dazstudio. reporting this has got me exatcly nowhere. with daz & poser to be fair

    so with DSON I finally got to try genesis , I even picked up items & bundles with items not DSON enabled because I was told by the help center they would be eventually. Still Waiting, still cant use them

    I even picked up Freak5 bundle when it came out , but I've only installed the base & 2 other items. as I said health issues & other problems get in the way.

    But I was ok with this as this was an investment in the breaking new ground Software Innovation that is Genesis.

    only to have the new Genesis 2 hit the town , now why would I be depressed

    as I have how many items I still cant use in poser & with the new girl in town will probrably never will be, all because I trusted what some nameless person at DAZ told me

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    I'm going to say that I'm not an expert or anything but comparing Genesis 2 to Genesis I'm not seeing much of an groundbreakindg innovation. It's more like Genesis 1.5 than Genesis 2. A cynically minded person would think that Genesis wasn't helping Daz's bottom line as much as they'd like. So with this upgrade to Genesis two they reinstituted separate male and female models, with all the separate clothing, separate morphes etc.

    I would try not to let all of this depress you. Concentrate on doing your 3d and ignore Daz. In a few months V6 will end up on the front of a magazine being given away free and there will be a 70% off sale. Also I don't think you need to wait for Daz to convert content to DSON. I think you can do it yourself :

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