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DAZ morph is not working properly.

why daz morph is working like this. if i close daz 3d and open it again then morph wont work with the model which am sending from the zbrush.

example - i send the model from daz to zbrush ....... and i edited the model with out subdividing .... after editing click on goZ then it will come back to daz 3d with morph option....

BUT - i send the model to daz to zbrush ....... (inbetween if close the daz 3d and open it again)and after edited inside zbrush if i press goz... it will open inside the daz studio but with out morph option.... why so


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,672
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    Probably a temporary file or data is being deleted on close, breaking the link with the original and so not allowing the mesh to load as a morph. You can always export as OBJ from ZBrush and use Morph Loader Pro to apply the OBJ as a morph if that happens.

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