Carrara 6 Pro locking up

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Hi. I'm using Carrara 6 Pro on a dual 2.3 Ghz G5 running OS X (10.4.11) with 4GB ram. I'm noticing that Carrara is frequently locking up and becoming unresponsive during the course of working with a file. Right now it's happening while I'm in the Vertex Modeler. All I was doing was applying subdivision to a single square polygon (turning one facet into eight subdivisions), undoing it and re-applying and the program freezes up. I'm able to click on various functions and highlight them but they don't work. Eventually I have to force quit the app and reopen the file and all work since the last save has been lost. This is happening often enough that it's becoming more than an annoyance and really wreaking havoc with my workflow. Anyone else experiencing this? Is it a bug w/ this particular version?



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    I had Windows not Mac but found my 2Ghz 4Gb RAM duo craptop inadequate for any 3D
    I could at least use Carrara and Poser7, Daz studio was VERY iffy.
    now with my current 8Gb quadcore desktop I have very few issues
    so sorry, simple answer, get a better computer
    not being harsh but after 3years of struggling best thing I did.

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    Thanks for your input Wendy. Maybe that's what I really need to consider.

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    I'm using a single core, 1.8 Ghz G5 running OS X 10.4.11 with 4.5 GB or RAM and using Carrara 7.2 Pro. I also tried C8.1 when it was in beta. I had very few issues with them. From what I understand, C6 was buggy for some users, I never owned it. I went from C5 to C7 and have had no regrets. You may be able to find free versions of C7 Pro on magazine discs etc.

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    Although I was using windows with C6, I found that if I saved the file (very, very often) while working in Carrara, I would avoid all of the lock-ups and memory leak issues.

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    Thanks, evilproducer and McGuiver, for your feedback. Certainly helpful.

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