How to Download old orders????????????

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I had V4 and can't find her, went to where you download older orders, but can't seem to figure out how to ask
for a reset..
This new platform is confusing , and I haven't gotten use to it yet..
Are you still allowing people to download older orders?

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  • VaskaniaVaskania Posts: 5,922
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    Reset is under Itemized Order History under My Account.

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    Thank you so much, appreciate your help!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Itemized order history is a lot clearer looking, but there is no ability to sort anymore? While it is helpful to have the items in alphabetical order, you used to be able to sort by date, and I think file name too? I find that if you are looking for an item somewhere in the middle of your itemised list, you have to scroll through pages to get to it. It was better when you could have it all on one page. The new format has a limit of items showing per page.

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    You may notice that many items are simply missing and at this time we cannot reset them. At this time, I don't know if this is another glitch or the ways things are now. I sent in a request sometime ago and haven't heard back yet.

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    I do belive but I'm not 100% sure so this may be wrong. In my Itemized List when I compair it to the old one from the other store the missing items are some of the ones that got put in the Vault. That means not for sale any longer. They should not have done that. This missing items issue needs to be addressed.

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    With V4 I set itemised oreder History to 50 items per page, started from the last page and worked backwards.

    Found V4 about 3 pages forward from the end, but that of course will vary according to how many utems you have.

    And in contrast to what has been said, we have all checiked and to date have not found any items missing from our order history,

    Yes there are some which as still in bundles, so you have to Know whaich bundle they were in.

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    I have all kinds of V4 ... thingies - I am just missing V4 herself ... aaaah! Not looking for V4, looking for Victoria 4.1 Base, which of course is later down the lane, gave me a result.

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