Rayne for V5, S5 and Young Teens, OUT NOW! {Commercial}

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Presenting Rayne - a seductive, mocha-toned beauty for Victoria 5, Stephanie 5 and Young Teen Julie.

Rayne brings a versatile variety of body shapes and age inspired morphs to all of your renders. She features 10 custom head morphs, sculpted in zbrush, and four body morphs. Each morph crafted to celebrate the blossoming young teen, as well as the fuller figured, adult woman.

Also included is a large selection of age varied makeups, just to add a bit more variety!

Rayne comes with bald and hair textured heads, a funky arm tattoo and two sets of DAZ Studio materials: Base materials and HSS shaders for human skin tones. Rayne also comes with full DSON support and Poser 9/2012 SSS support.



Anna, Jonathan and Terry.



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    Still don't why there's STILL all these renders of Janelle when the product is Rayne... and the only image of her is with her eyes closed. (sigh... )

    Just back in town, so here are some images of the other girls that **should** have been featured, including Rayne.

    1000 x 1300 - 210K
    1000 x 1300 - 149K
    1000 x 1300 - 167K
    1000 x 1300 - 245K
    1000 x 1300 - 142K
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    DAZ deleted some of the renders I'd uploaded, when the product hit art work approval.

    Here's some more. (stupid 5 image post limit)

    700 x 910 - 267K
    700 x 910 - 276K
    700 x 910 - 269K
    700 x 910 - 278K
    700 x 910 - 276K
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    A few more renders. :)

    700 x 910 - 288K
    700 x 910 - 264K
    700 x 910 - 246K
    700 x 910 - 259K
    700 x 910 - 251K
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    Wow, this is well done, and a lot of range in a single character... It looks like a must buy for anyone looking for this type of character :)

    Good luck with it, it should be a great seller.

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    Great product! Wishlisted immediately, as I am short of money right now.

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    A few more... and one for fun ;)

    1000 x 1300 - 216K
    1000 x 1300 - 186K
    1000 x 1300 - 205K
    1000 x 1300 - 148K
  • Thadeus72Thadeus72 Posts: 343
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    very cute and versatile !

    waiting for payday

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    We're pleased you like her. :) Feel free to post any renders here.

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    Gorgeous work as always guys. Sadly, I've had to wishlist her for now since It's one of those rare tight months and I got lured into impulse buying K4 textures across three sites. It was a trap I tell you! A trap! A siren's call to a doomed sailor! Ahem...

    Out of curiosity, what UV's does Rayne use? You've listed a lot of character compatibilities, but I assume they're all using the same set of textures and the morphs are what differs. I have both S5 and V5 sets either way, but it's handy to know if my interjections package will play nicely with new figures. Thanks in advance. I'll be adding her to my collection as soon as the pay day fairy arrives.

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  • ForbiddenWhispersForbiddenWhispers Posts: 1,134
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    She's based on V5's UV maps. :)

  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 12,191
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    I get paid on Friday. hopefully she'll still be on sale. I love the characters with mddle-tan skins. She looks very well done. Thanks you to the creators.

  • SorelSorel Posts: 1,025
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    Bought immediately lol. I've purchased quite a few characters from y'all and have not been disappointed with them.

  • ZamuelNowZamuelNow Posts: 744
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    While not immediately purchasing, looks good and I hope she sells well.

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    Thank you. We're pleased you like her. :)

  • Male-M3diaMale-M3dia Posts: 3,323
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    We should be coming up on the last sale days for her...

    1000 x 1300 - 304K
  • Male-M3diaMale-M3dia Posts: 3,323
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    Another quickie

    1000 x 1300 - 300K
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