Non-DazStudio/Poser related animation links, that I'd like to share anyway

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Hi folks

Ever since my laptop broke down last year I have not visited the DAZ forums often any

I'm now working late (at an animation studios, again, on a Flash based 2D-project)
and got some links from colleagues that i thought might be fun to share.

One is a satirical link from Vimeo, a mock tutorial called 'The secret of Animation':

The other one, on Vimeo as well, a work in progression shot from Tangled,
showing the blocking method of key pose animation as used in professional productions -
starting with the broad movements, then going ever more into the details. aided by thumbnail
sketches and people filming themselves for reference.

It starts with the finished scene, then jumps back to first blocking and some of the stages
needed to get the scene perfect.

One rarely finds breakdowns of scenes in this detail, thought it might be
inspirational - some of these principles are applicable to Studio and Poser as well:

Hope you enjoy it.


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    you got love it. to quote" " nothing much to say about the technique...animation is a super easy guessed it, the computer does everything"

    Only someone immersed in the depths of animation hell could describe it so succinctly. :-)

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