DS3 to DS4 Hair Morphs

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I'm working on a scene with a woman driving a convertible. I have several hair styles designed for V4 I could use, but whenever I fit the hair to genesis, all the morphs disappear. Is there a way around this, or something I can do to get the morphs to transfer?


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    You can either parent the hair (instead of conforming it) or you can upgrade to one of the 4.5 Release Candidate versions where AutoFit preserves morphs.

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    Thanks. I upgraded and everything is working perfectly

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    Or if like to me 4.5 looks scary and dont want to chance frustration this works like a charm

    Getting V4 clothes to fit is eezy peez

    1. Add your clothes to the scene

    2. When the autofit popup shows up(if it does) DON"T CLICK ANYTHING other than cancel.

    3. Go to your scene tab and select the clothing article

    4. Click on the menu button in the upper left of your scene screen and select Edit|Convert Figure to Weight Mapping|Convert to Triax Weight Mapping.

    5. Click on the menu button again and select Assets|Transfer Utility.

    6. On the left side of the next popup(Source side).. click the "Scene Item:" dropdown button and select Genesis. Below that click the shape button and select clone. There will be a list show up with all the shapes that genesis can clone. Select the shape that the clothing was originally designed for.

    7 On the right side of that screen (target side) click the dropdown box and select the item of clothing.

    8. Click on the "show options button" and make sure the first five boxes are checked and then check the box for "reverse source shape from target"

    9. Click Accept and let the transfer utility do its trick

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