Uberenvironment 2 Light presets gone (solved)

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I've installed Daz 4.6 a month ago or something like that. And now I've noticed that my Uberenvironment Light presets are gone. The folder only contains a UberEnvironment 2 (BounceGI) and nothing more. All the presets for quality settings and the base presets like Park, Kitchen, Sunset are gone. Now, the Uberenvironment 2 shaders were part of the former Daz installations and I don't know how to get back these presets.
They were under LightPresets, Omnifreaker, UberEnvironment2. Are they moved to another folder now?

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    Mine are all in C:\Users\Public\Documents\My DAZ 3D Library\Light Presets\omnifreaker\UberEnvironment2, and there are 18 of them in total, including the !UberEnvironment2 Bounce (GI), which has both a DUF and a DSA version.

    Did you install Genesis Starter Essentials for DS4.6? You should download and install that file, or reinstall it if you have already done that.

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    I don't know where to get the Starter Essentials for 4.6. The files in my Product Library seem to be for 4.5 at least all the descriptions refer to 4.5. I've tried the DIM version but it fails to install. I will try the exe file. But actually why are light presets part of the Genesis Essentials? That makes no sense.

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    I found them this way, searched for DS 4.6 in my Product Library

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    Cyprith said:
    But actually why are light presets part of the Genesis Essentials? That makes no sense.

    Because it's not just Genesis you get, there's also some clothes and hair, a simplified dragon, a few bits of scenery and props, shaders, and yes, those lighting presets. Pretty much everything you need to begin putting together scenes (and learn how D|S works) without needing to buy anything — emphasis a bit more on the "essentials" than on the "genesis".
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    Here is a link to a list of what the Genesis Starter Essentilas file contains, I have had it for a while now, so I don't know how accurate it still is.


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    Ok, they are back. Installing the .exe file did the trick. But nonetheless I would like to see a note about 4.6 compatibility on the product page of the Starter Essentials. You know, 4.5 is not 4.6.

    Thanks for your help. Now I've learned another thing in the long list of oddities working with DazStudio. :)

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    it's madness, having to download over 400MB of data that i'll never use, just to get at the lights that i will use

    DAZ should get it into their heads that we're NOT all beginners, many of us have got all the copies of the millennium dragon that we'll ever need, and we don't want any more, thank you very much

    lights should be packaged as part of the application, not with the content. lighting's what it's all about isn't it? 3d. lighting, not content...

    yeah, well, anyway, what is particularly peeving is that older versions of uberenvironment do still work, but i'm getting black areas on some items of clothing. hopefully the latest version will solve that particular bug, but otherwise it will have been a 400MB waste of time in any case

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