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    Had a system crash a few days ago and reinstalled Windows. Runs nice and smooth now. Still tweaking things here and there but other than that it's all good. I always dread installing a new system because of all the tweaking but the silver lining is the speed when it's all said and done.

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    Now learning Blender. Great program. Came along long way since I first tried using it years back. Now I'm finally getting it. ZBrush will totally remain in the tool box, very useful for so many things still but Blender offers full tilt modeling as well as tons of other tools.

    in using Silo previously I found that it was doing some strange things to my mesh and found that out when I would take it into ZBrush it complained and wanted to make changes to the mesh in order to even continue to open it up.

    Learned how to fix them with the help of some wonderful Blender users right here at the DAZ 3D forums and when saved as an obj ZBrush didn't complain at all.

    Here is the thread if you have some curiosity about Blender and want some links and tips in how to use the program.


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