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Hello, my first post and I am just getting used to Daz. I have a male character and I like where I am with him. There are 2 adjustments I would like to make...
1) Sharpen the jaw a bit more.
2) His upper chest is not very developed. I would like to make it more full.

Which product(s) should I get to give me the control over these areas?

I could do it in Maya but for workflow it would be easier to stay in daz to make the changes.



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    Are you planning to use Genesis or Michael 4?

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    I have David 5, Freak 5, Freak 5 Super, Victoria 5, and Victoria 5 Supermodel.

    This build honestly has a bit of all these in it.

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    I'm not sure if it'll do exactly what you want, but Thorne's Body Morph Resource Kit 2 has several morphs for both jaw shape and upper chest shape, and is useful for character-building in general.

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    There is also the daz morphs for genesis if you don't have them yet (and they are on sale atm :) ):
    Plenty of morphs in there, not sure about the specific ones you asked about, best to check first.

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    I recommend to get the genesis evolution morph bundle too.

    I have morph kits and evolution both both,
    but Now is chance to get evolution bundle ,,^^;

    if you grab the bundle,,

    7 joe morphs you can use about all genesis figure,
    ◦Jaw Angle
    ◦Jaw Corner Width
    ◦Jaw Curve
    ◦Jaw Define
    ◦Jaw Height
    ◦Jaw Line Depth
    Jaw Size

    and for Man chest,
    ◦Pectorals Developed
    ◦Pectorals Volume
    chest depth
    chest scale
    chest width.

    DAZ character morphs often use these evolution bundle,, so anyway
    you better to get them I believe.

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    the Evolution morph bundles are in fastgrab right now.

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    Thanks Murgatroyd, Thorne’s Body Morph Resource Kit 2 worked perfectly.

    I will look at the other now. Thanks again all. Mission accomplished....

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    Thanks. Together these are amazing. Got what i needed.

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