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Ok folks granted am very tired and sick but just cant get the spacedweller dress to showup in my poser. I tried several times as i always do and unzip it into poser, it `should` follow the filepaths and install correctly into a spacedweller file in figures. I also tried using the install manager and that has me somewhat confused because it seems to have installed it into my daz3d....altho the page I downloaded the manager from stated that you could use it for poser but then also stated that you must have dazstudio installed. just really tired of wasting my time looking for poser files that dont install properly. Any help appreciated, maybe i`m just not smart enough for this anymore.


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    Look in the Poser Formats library in:


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    To use Dim to install to poser you must configure it first, The Cog (Gear) lets you pick the Poser only format, then you would need to point it to the Poser content folder as the install file path.

    Also some of the older content that has been converted to zips have a Content>Runtime structure, so just unzipping to the poser content might not have worked. I suggest you Unzip the File to a Temp folder location and then install by hand from there.

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    ..thanks, by hand it is then...yes I do admit to reading the instructions and setting it up for what I thought would be a poser install, deleting the daz path and setting the poser path but it wouldnt work. the daz path just wouldnt go away.
    Thx for your help

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