Problem finding installed content

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I'm running Daz 4.6.....after installing Genesis products, those show up in my "smart content" tab. When I try installing other content, (non genesis products) and follow the correct file path listed in the Content directory manager (C:/Users/me/Documents/DAZ 3D/Studio/My Library), the products do not show up anywhere. I can import the object manually, but no thumbnail versions of the object will be displayed.

Am I missing some simple step?

Another problem I am running into is logging into the Install Manager. I try typing my user name and password, which are correct because I can log into my account via the webpage....but it won't log me into the install manager. It says "Unable to login to specified account. Verify the email and/or password and try again". Not sure what else to try, since the information I'm entering is correct. So, I cannot access any of my purchased files, nor can I find any installed files that are non genesis related.


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    If you haven't done so already switch to a different Workspace layout, Window/Workspace/Select Layout ... either Self Serve or City Limits. You should have a Content Library tab now, if your stuff isn't showing there than more info will be needed, exact install path and a screen shot of your Content Directory Manager. As for the log-in thing I had that the other day, unchecking the remember me box and manually typing in the password fixed it.

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