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I'm curious on if anyone knows a best place in finding a team to help making a game and/or animation


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    People generally post around in forums associated with what they specifically need. If you need a 3D artist, you post on 3D forums. Need a coder? Forums that deal with coding. Posting on gaming forums also help.

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    But I still need sites that would be helpful in even starting

    I can search, but nothing good comes up

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    The sites that come to mind would be ones like here, Rendo, Blender forums, Deviantart, Valve's Steam gaming forums, etc. If it's a game, since it's non-commercial, it would be classified as an indie game, so you may find some resources at Desura or ModDB. Also, it may be something you have to start a Kickstarter for so you can fund the project.

    It really depends what you're trying to do. For example, I probably wouldn't post on gaming forums if you're not looking to make a game, or you're making a non-gaming related animation. People who get into it kind of already know the world and where possible resources would be.

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    It also depends what gaming engine you want to use, so might be better to focus on the places the game developers hang out to find people that are familiar with whatever game engine you want to use.

    e.g. folk using Unity3d game engine to develop their games use their official forum

    or Unreal Engine (unofficial forum)
    I think this is the official one

    Oh, and last but not least, there's ModDB, possibly the largest one-stop-shop for modders, gamers, and developers

    Obviously, it's a case of sorting the wheat from the chaff the same way you would for any internet interaction ;)

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    If you are looking for people who have experience with creating game models checking out the pixologic zbrush forums might also be a start:

    - - -

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    I'm curious on if anyone knows a best place in finding a team to help making a game and/or animation

    It may sound odd but try Reddit

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