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One reason I love MAC is because you really never have to worry about ISSUES for the most part or I thought so. I for one have never had any MALWARE get to my macs in 25 years. I have had tons of tracking cookies and that kind of stuff specially since the Government seems to want to get into EVERYONE machine, I have never felt freer! But I digress.

I have read where some of us are having issues germane to using Carrara on MAC!

For one I believe you HAVE to have a utility program for run once in awhile or at the least the OS startup DISK!

I for one could not live without TECHTOOLS PRO! Fro one you can make what they call an "E" Drive which is a partition TT Pro makes where you can startup and repair from your new E drive instead of having to STARTUP from the DVD from TT-Pro.

What I have found Specially if you let yout mac grind away for days non stop at rendering is PERMISSIONS issues and sometime File issues which you can rebuild vis TT-Pro.

If my carrara CRASHES I need to rebuild the Category B-Tree or area, which is easy with TT-Pro.

You may also use your startup DISK that came with your OS to Repair permission but from the DISK it may take some time.

Another FREE utilities for Disk Permissions is COCKTAIL!

Also every once like 2 times a year its a good idea to DEFRAG your hardrive! THIS IS NOT what some PC USers thing a DEFRAG is. What I am talking about it Defraging bits and pieces of file on the hardrive left over form many operations and will make continuos files on the HD.

NOW I have had some issues with macs that where ONLY addressed BUY DEFRAGING and I have no idea why that is so, but is did.

ANS as we all know... YOU HAVE THE MAKE SURE TEMP FILES HAVE NO BUILT UP IN THE DAZ TEMP FOLDERS! Every-time i get ready to do a long render I shut down carrara and go look to see if there are any files in the DAZ TEMP and throw them all away! THIS IS PARAMOUNT!


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    Hi Richard,. :)

    Please excuse the PC user,. ... I agree with what you're saying,.

    System tools are an essential thing to have.
    it's like driving without a jack, it's asking for trouble.


    What I am talking about it Defraging bits and pieces of file on the hardrive left over form many operations and will make continuous files on the HD.

    That's exactly what every disk de-fragmentation utility does, whether it's PC or Mac.

    It takes fragmented files which should be together on the drive and puts them back together on the drive, and it normally reorganises things like the location of your applications on the drive, so that they run better, and load quicker.

    sorry for the interruption :)

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    Yea I know what defragging is, BUT why would I wish to put Jack in my car? I don't even know him!

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    LOL :)

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