Got my Phantom Driver....

Not quit done.

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    Absolute quality my friend, that camouflage, helmet and detail really pops.

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    One thing I did find interesting while doing research on this project was these pilots liked to wear CAMO all over in case they were shot down BUT they painted their helmets like a Amsterdam whore house!

    I used many sources for information on this and took it all in and also took a lot of artistic licenses as well. I love the TIGER STRIPPED Vietnam camo and found a lot of images where pilots used it.

    I also made a few mistakes. I decided to FOLLOW the helmet design from an existing one on Turbosquid,... but while making it it sort of didn't make sense.

    But i Like the look but after I made it I was thinking I need to be more accurate to t]he real military Helmet BUT man the real one is sooo complicated and just a pain in the ass to pull off. so stuckk with what I started

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    RIGGING is going to be a real BEACH!

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    I am absolutely blown away by this work. Amazing stuff here.

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