DazScript interaction with Animate2?

shoei321shoei321 Posts: 106
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Is it possible to interact with Animate2 from DazScript? I don't see any Animate2 classes exposed in the DazScript API.

I was hoping to at least be able to have a script write keys to the currently selected and active Aniblock, but any keys my script adds/changes just get written to standard Daz Studio keys.

Is there any way to have a script add/modify/delete keys in an AniBlock?



  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,722
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    I don't know, but you could try something like

     // Get the Pane Manager
     var paneMgr = MainWindow.getPaneMgr();
     // if successful, get the AniMate pane
     if ( paneMgr ) {
      var pane = paneMgr.findPane( guess the name of the AniMate pane );
      // if successful, get the methods
      if ( pane ) {
       for ( var item in pane ) {
        print ( item.name );
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