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WIP Thread for New User Contest - April 2013



  • Scott LivingstonScott Livingston Posts: 4,231
    edited December 1969

    Reminder: the contest closes tonight--you have a few more hours to get your entries in!

  • Scott LivingstonScott Livingston Posts: 4,231
    edited December 1969

    BlumBlumShub: The one thing that jumps out at me as a little "off" is that the water looks almost metallic, like mercury...I feel as if it should be a bit more transparent. Of course, since the entire scene is somewhat surreal/fantastic, it's probably not necessary that the water look realistic. But if you do want it to look realistic, I'd suggest tweaking the settings a bit (not a Carrara user, so unfortunately I can't be more specific as to how to accomplish that).

  • frank0314frank0314 Posts: 9,939
    edited December 1969
  • kittenwyldekittenwylde Posts: 150
    edited May 2013

    Thanks for the help, everyone This was a great contest idea, and I learned a lot. Congrats, Jindi and BlumBlumShub! And thanks, Eva, for sponsoring the contest. :-)

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