Is Bryce 7 Pro Stable Enough?

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I was looking at some reviews for Bryce 7.1 Pro and it was a good review except that it warns about stability issues. Mainly having to do with rendering and saving, etc.

I don't know much about Bryce but it looks like something I could use for my music videos.

Is this a big problem? Are there workarounds?

I'm using a 32 bit Mac with 16 gigs ram on OS X 10.6.8



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    It's fine I have fun trying to see how much I can pile on it before it groans and gives up. It is a lot more than I could do with Br 5 and my old system.

    Save often, but that has always been the secret of getting the best out of Bryce, and incremental saves so you always have a save that is only a few tweaks back just in case you do manage to corrupt a working file.

    I have found that even if I do succeed in crashing Bryce almost always I can re open the crashed file, which certainly was not the case with older version, a crash in them was almost always a fatal crash.

    AS you are using 10.6 you will be fine, except for one annoying bug with jpg texture imports, and there are a couple of work rounds to that one as stated here

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    The main problem you'll have with music videos in Bryce is that it's not really set up for sound.
    I've done basic music promos myself but I simply rendered sections of animation and then edited them to the music in a video editor.

    I too use a Mac and Bryce is as stable as the majority of the software I use.
    Of course stability also depends on how optimal your system is and sometimes conflicts can be caused by non Bryce stuff running in the background.

    Like Chohole says, save often and keep in mind Bryce is no friend to memory so if you're about to perform something particularly memory intensive, save your work and quit Bryce then re start it to free up as much memory as possible first.

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    I'll be ordering it now. Thanks, both of you for the info.

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    Also bear in mind that me and Chohole are particularly biased towards Bryce. :-)

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    You didn't need to tell him that. If he is posting in the Bryce forum he should realise that we are mostly all Bryceaholics. :coolsmirk:

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