Universal Window 2 - for Steampunk Corridor

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This is the second Universal Window for my Steampunk corridor set.

I actually uploaded it at the weekend, but the forum has been down so I haven't been able to post a link to it up until now.


This download contains a second "Universal Window" section. It is similar to the first window, but it has a more rounded "submarine" theme to it, and the addition of two sets of rivets (one for the outside section of the window frame, and one for the center section of the window frame). Both sets of rivets are stored as a child prop, which you can hide if you don't want to use them.

This was how I originally intended section 1 to look. But I had a lot of problems with using the Boolean function to cut the round hole in the center section. So I left it out in the end.

Thanks to an assist from Elowan and SpottedKitty (sorry, the forum is down right now, so I may have incorrectly remembered your user names) I have now fixed this, and so can put out the rounded version of the window for everybody. Big thanks to these guys.

This prop was designed to be used with any of my Steampunk Corridor sections that use the standark Bulkhead template. Simply select the corridor section and hide the bulkhead using the Opacity settings in DS\Material Room in Poser. Then put this section in its place.

Props designed in Hexagon. Included MATs and PP2 and OBJ file for easy use in Daz Studio, Poser and other 3D software packages.

Please report any bugs so that I can get them fixed.

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    Very nice!!! This set just keeps getting more and more useful :coolsmile:

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    Now that the forums are up, I can finally say "thank you" for this...

    Thank you!

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    This is actually the first time I've seen any of your Steampunk stuff, and it's SO neat! Thank-you! It is actually PERFECT for the main HQ/base of one of my character groups that I've been writing for the last couple years! Thanks so much!!

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    Just came across this set. Added to the rest.

    Outstanding as usual. Many thnx!

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