Please Help! (about to go batty!) Need help wrapping texture

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I will thank you all in advance for salvaging what's left of my sanity.... Literally, for the past 8 hours, I have been unable to successfully wrap a 2D imported picture texture around a complex object.... (the object is a boat's front uhhh, don't know boat terminology, it's the viking dragon head of a boat....) When I try to wrap texture, no matter what mapping mode I've tried, I get one side looking great, but then the top side, or other sides (well, the parallel side opposite looks fine) are just completely out of scale.... I'm lost.

I've created what I want using World Cubic mapping, but the problem with this is that when I go to animate the object, that texture won't travel with my object. So how do I recreate this effect using object mapping? (object cubic puts the top portion out of scale, etc.... I've tried and tested my limits, so I definitely need to defer to someone much more knowledgeable!)

I need help mapping! Or I need a work-around, because as is, I'm just completely lost....

Please, someone spare me of the frustration I'm feeling and toss me the answer if you know it!!!!

Thanks so much in advance! Any advice on how better to universally apply the 2d texture, or any other possibility for what I'm attempting is appreciated! (Truly!!!!)

I've included a picture of how I want it to look, i.e., how I achieved the effect using World Cubic....



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    OK, so if you're animating, you can't use World mapping (any flavor) for textures that must travel with the object. That lesson's learned :)

    Ideally you're after a UV Map. Is your figurehead a symmetrical lattice in Bryce? How did you model it?

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    I modeled it in Photoshop and exported it as an .obj, so it is not a symmetrical lattice.... Can I export a UV map via Photoshop? I'm looking through there right now, and I've been able to import the object into Photoshop from Bryce, and fix it, but for some reason, all of the coordinates and scale is incorrect when importing back into Bryce, which is causing me a headache...!

    But I've sucessfully mapped the texture in Photoshop to the object, I am now just have trouble importing back the object, as I'm not sure how to simply export a UV map, which would be much easier!

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    Not sure if Photoshop creates an mtl file and packages up all the UV textures like other 3D apps do.

    A workaround, but maybe a long way round would be to download Wings3D, it's free and once you've got used to it's interface it's a great 3D modeling app.

    Within wings you can create a flattened version of your model (which should import with no trouble) to map the UV texture onto and then export the model again with it correctly UV mapped (see example below). Then when you import the .obj back into Bryce it will correctly map the texture for you in a way that Bryce understands.

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