Above the clouds - Skycube texture set

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One set of 6 textures @ 4096x4096 for use with Flipmode's Easy Environments Skycube


The set has been made for/with the Top of the World set, (as that is the only set I've got) and tested in Poser Pro 2012 and DAZ|Studio 4Pro.

Not my best set of textures, but it is a 1st try at making textures for a skycube (as I'm more 'used' to creating single textures for my SkyDome).
If there's enough interest, I may create some more/better sets.....

You need Flipmode's 'easy environments top of the world' set, available here at the DAZ-store (though it may work with the other sets as well....)


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    Ooo, very nice. Doesn't just look good with critters, either (using the Top Of The World lights)

    1440 x 1080 - 313K
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    amazing work my friend..i have not the environment ..but looks great!

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    @ SpottedKitty - that's a nice use of the set. I guess this set is indeed used best for this more 'topdown' images :)

    @ mninnessie - thank you, still trying to get the mapping right on my own skycube, but alas, no luck so far.....

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