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I don't know exactly where to post this. The open request ticket, How long does it take to have an answer?, I have two request and one of them is already from four days ago. Thanks for your help.


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    They've been deluged with tickets, so it's taking them a while to get caught up.

    ETA: Is it 4 business days, or 4 calendar days?

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  • DiYaniraDiYanira Posts: 25
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    It's been four calendar days.

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    Unfortunately the delay can be longer thatn 4 days at the moment because Daz3D Customer Support are battling their way through a veritable mountain of support tickets, many of whic have actually been filed about problems that could have been dealt with better in the forums. Also please remember that Daz3D support is normally 5days a week system, so as a weekend occurs in your 4 days, the ticket has only been viable for 2 of those days.

    I am moving your thread to The Commons, as it is not a New User Query.

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    My last request tickets were solved (very accommodatingly I might add, hoping that this word means what I think it means) yesterday, 16 calendar days after I put them in, so I would assume that this is the time they're currently behind, two weeks give or take.

    Unless my tickets somehow got lost on the way and were rediscovered only yesterday. :)

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    Thanks for your help to both of you.

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    I have an open Zen desk request that is 12 days old now. I'm sure they will get to it sometime. Things here seem to be returning to a semblance of normality.

    It could be worse. Imagine being a DAZ CSR for the last couple of weeks. If they made it through this they can handle anything. :)

    PS... I bet they could handle a vacation right about now. ;)

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