Free! Sparkys Scifi Cam - Floating and Viki Head Versions

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Just got to texture the V3 head version, and package up these two, then you'll be the proud owner
of a SecuriTech 9000 XL camera system. Presented in 2 flavours.. The floating cam as plus a V3 headcam version.

Both versions are used by various security companies and law enforcement services around the planet. This system is especially popular as it carrys 2 person seeking nuclear powered micro-cruise missile with soft rubber tips to avoid injury.

The colour image showing the floating version has been rendered in poser.
Background image courtesy of A great non commercial free resource site for all 2d artists.

The claymation version is shown here just to tease you all a little more:)

Actually apols for anyone wanting for this weeks one, and it's not ready here tonight, but I got kinda carried away putting in loads of modeled details and lost track of time! But still wanted to let you see what you'll be getting this time. Though rest assured it will be available some time tomorrow.


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    ..and the vue image..

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    These are nice!

  • DorseylandDorseyland Posts: 724
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    I saw Kim Yung-gun wearing one of these on the news.

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    I saw Kim Yung-gun wearing one of these on the news.

    When I see him I think of astroturf & Carrara's spike handy for making a new product...:) LOL.

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    First up, at the top of the page is the poser model with poser based materials, and strangely enough rendered in poser :)
    In this case good old poser 4 PP. Which only goes to prove you don't need a fast or new system to render stuff with.

    Image number 2 is an export from poser using the same bitmaps as above, but in an HDR render.
    The head has subsurface scattering set on the skin.

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    For number 3, I've ditched the bitmaps and replaced with app specific shaders.
    Hence why this took so long to make, theres absolutely loads of material zones on this one.
    All mapped at 1024x1024.

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    And finally numero fouro, another HDR based image.
    This time just loading in the textured model and a freebie hdr light and backplate from hdrlabs. Nothing else.

    oh yea, enjoy :)

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  • patience55patience55 Posts: 6,928
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    Thank you! Should have "1,001 uses" :-)

  • DorseylandDorseyland Posts: 724
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    Have you tested this thing yourself, Spark?

    I expect the user's hearing is well protected behind those phones, but does the rocket take off with a mild whoosh like a firework or with a good, heavy BANG?

    When both rockets let loose, doesn't it snap your neck back? And if only one rocket is fired, does your head spin around a couple of times?

    These are the sort of things we need to know before we download.

  • Alisa Uh-LisaAlisa Uh-Lisa Posts: 1,258
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    Thanks - very cool stuff :)

  • RCTSpankyRCTSpanky Posts: 715
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    mrsparky said:
    I saw Kim Yung-gun wearing one of these on the news.

    When I see him I think of astroturf & Carrara's spike handy for making a new product...:) LOL.

    That one is too cool ... I definitely would buy it.

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    Thanks all!

    Dorseyland - nice 1 LOL :)

    RCT- Spankey. You can have it if you want it.
    Though it's nothing fancy. Literally only a 2minute speed model. Something anyone could make.

    Half a cylinder with a C5 spike modifier applied, gave the cylinder some thickness.
    Exported to OBJ, not mapped. Assigned a gray colour in poser then parented to M3.

    Took long to render than make!

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