Hay, it Works!!! :-)

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I'm on of those folk who are very happy to find 'scene files' in the purchased products 'cause like, it's going to take me awhile to figure all this out.

So loaded a scene; put in the Genesis Gorilla ... and it works! [not sure why there are ghosts of power lines in the pic but anyhow ....]


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    perhaps the power lines were just evolving as was homo sapiens? refer your main character.

    On a more serious note I have been "learning" bryce for about 10 years or more and am still a learner, daz studio since version dot 9 or thereabouts and I'm still a learner, sooo! just hang in there and keep on truck'in.


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    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Somehow 'planet of the apes' comes to mind too ... 'ghosts of the past', what will be left behind when tech is no more.

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    ...Something works in Bryce?


    Hold on to that feeling! Never let it go! Do you understand? NEVER LET GO!!!

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    Hey, that's really cool, just starting out here, and browsing tutorials at the mo :)

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